Kingsbridge Family Church New to Church

New to Church

New to Church

First time to Church? First time at Kingsbridge Family Church? Welcome!

What should I expect?

What time does the Sunday service start?

The service starts at 10:30am and normally finishes around 12 noon. We usually have tea and coffee, before or after the service.

What happens for children?

Children are an important part of our church family.

There is no need to worry about noise or mess!

Children aged 0-4: we have a dedicated room with soft play and toys and a craft table in church. Children (and parents!) usually run between the two throughout the service!

Children aged 5-11: fortnightly, children join with the rest of the church family for worship before heading to the basement for Kids Church, which includes prayer, games and hearing from God.

The second Sunday of the month is a family style service, with adults and children together.

The last Sunday in the month is Brunch!

Do I have to be a Christian to come on a Sunday?

No. Please come with your doubts and questions.

Is the church accessible?

The main building is fully wheelchair accessible, including a wheelchair accessible toilet in the foyer. We also have a hearing loop. If you have any queries regarding any other particular needs, please do contact us.